Getting Chicks with Dave and Matt


This week we welcome to the show our second straight Hoosier, comedienne Christine Little ( As an amateur psychologist, she studies laughter and the psychological side of entertainment.

You can follow her on twitter @Christine_Lil


This week we welcome to the show Callie Burke this pint size shortie has just made the move from NYC to LA and has brought her repertoire of voices along for the ride. Enjoy this show.


This week, we welcome to the show one of Dave’s fellow Buckeyes and comedic poolshark, Maria Shehata ( She shares stories of doing comedy in places where people speak very little English like Qatar, Isreal and New York City. Follow her on twitter @MariaShehata

(I won’t lie, this was kind of a weird episode. I think it had something to do with trying to be funny on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day in Glendale, California. This was more about the situation, and not the guest, who is one of the funnier chicas in Los Angeles.)


This week we welcome New Mexican funny lady Dinah Leffert ( We learn why not to mess with Texas, who can and can’t dance on tables. Listen to this week’s installment and follow her on twitter @DinahLeffert




This week we welcome Alli Breen (above left), smart chick, funny chick, Boston chick, knows her sports. We discuss marriages, comedy clubs and even more sports. Alli sympathizes with Dave who is from Cleveland and has never had a winning sports team. Follow her on twitter @breenscreen.


This week we welcome wild child Lara Csengody ( to the podcast. She details the travails of being a professional weed wench, a magical place called Missouri, and her time workin’ on the railroad, all the livelong day. Listen, we know you’ll enjoy it.


This week, we welcome comedic vet Jaylyn Bishop ( We develop our own show, get comedic advice, hear about her story of meeting with George W. Bush. Follow her on twitter @jaylynbishop


Dave and Matt deal with their differences; and after getting back on board with each other welcome Christine Medrano (@ChrissyMeds). The tiny little package of self proclaimed douchebaggery explains her affinity for non prescription glasses, forever lazies, and other forms of mischief.

Tim Tebow’s first day in New York doesn’t go immediately as planned. Let’s see what happens as he looks for a location for his first NYC- Timmy’s Playground.

Tim Tebow- Dave Swan

Community Activist- Jeremy Scippio

Giants Fan- Matt Lewis

Camera- Christine Medrano

Edited by Dave Swan